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Want to live on the wild side? Eat all the flavors of the exotic rainbow with these jerky strips. Individually wrapped pieces perfect for backpacking, hiking, fishing, hunting and more!


Available Meats (unless otherwise noted)

Alligator;  Beef;  Boar;  Buffalo;  Camel;  Elk;  Kangaroo;  Ostrich;  Venison


Made in the USA. All game meats are government inspected.  Most are Gluten Free, all are MSG Free. Domestic beef and/or pork is added for moisture and texture.  Refrigeration not required until after opening.

Exotic Meat .75 oz Jerky – Choose Your Animal

  • Pick a Bag, Box or Mug then pick how many pieces you want 10/15/20

    10pc $24.99

    15pc $35.99

    20pc $45.99

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